Education and Public Policy Blog

“Because economic and social phenomena are so forbidding, or at least so seem, and because they yield few hard tests of what exists and what does not, they afford to the individual a luxury not given by physical phenomena. Within a considerable range he is permitted to believe what he pleases, he may hold whatever view of the world he finds most agreeable or otherwise to his taste.”

On Conventional Wisdom (From The Affluent Society by J. K. Galbraith, 1958)

This blog’s aim is to bring research and evidence to bear on current public policy (especially education) questions to reduce (for myself and others) the ‘range’ of views which are possible while remaining true to the evidence.

I do not expect to blog regularly, mostly as a way of bringing research papers (mine and others’) to a wider audience. Nonetheless, I hope it will be worth watching this space for when I do. You can follow the blog by email by putting your email in at the bottom of the page. I promise not to flood your inbox with too many ramblings!

Here are some blogs I have written so far: