Dr Thomas Perry

Researcher and lecturer, University of Warwick, Department of Education Studies.

My research and teaching are focused on supporting students, school leaders and policy-makers to improve education through research- and evidence-informed policy and practice. I have specialist methodological expertise relating to research synthesis and review; quantitative methods and secondary data analysis; evaluation, enquiry, and improvement; social research methodology; and knowledge mobilisation, exchange and use.

My work has been cited widely and internationally including by a UK Parliament Briefing, UNESCO, the Young Lives International Study, FFT Education Datalab and featured in national news media, including a BBC Radio 4 interview.

Current Teaching:

Current Research:

  • Pupil school mobility (secondary data analysis)
  • Educational Disadvantage (configurational review)
  • Replication study (mapping review and co-editor of special journal issue)
  • Ethnicity, gender, SEND and attainment (secondary data analysis)
  • Evidence-informed policy and practice (book)