Dr Thomas Perry

Thomas Perry leads the educational leadership Master’s programmes at the University of Birmingham, is Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer for the Department for Teacher Education, and is an associate researcher at the Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE). His research has a particular focus on educational evaluation and improvement, quantitative methods and secondary data analysis, research synthesis and review, and knowledge transfer. Tom works to support school and system leaders at all levels to improve schools through research- and evidence-informed policy and practice.

Topics which he has examined in-depth through his work include school value-added (‘Progress’) measures, teacher evaluation, professional development and learning programmes, and school effects on wider (‘non-cognitive’) outcomes. His work on school accountability has led to several high-impact papers (see below), an interview on BBC Radio 4, and has been cited widely and internationally including by UNESCO, the Young Lives International Study, FFT Education Datalab and featured in national news media.

About me: University Staff Profile
Publications: List of Publications and Google Scholar Profile
Email: t.w.perry@bham.ac.uk
Twitter: @TWPerry1
Programmes: MEd Educational Leadership
Educational Leadership MEd Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship
MA Education (Leadership)

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