Journal Articles

MORRIS, R. & PERRY, T. (2019). Private schools for free? Parents’ reasons for choosing a new Free School for their child. Cambridge Journal of Education, 1-18.

PERRY, T. (2018). ‘Phantom’ Compositional Effects in English School Value-Added Measures: The Consequences of Random Baseline Measurement Error. Research Papers in Education. Available via Birmingham research portal (link)

PERRY, T., DAVIES, P. & QIU, T. (2017). Great Grade Expectations? The Role of Pupil Expectations in Target Setting. International Journal of Educational Research. Available via personal website (link)

PERRY, T. (2017). Inter-method reliability of school effectiveness measures: a comparison of value-added and regression discontinuity estimates. School Effectiveness and School Improvement. Available:

MORRIS, R. & PERRY, T. (2017). Reframing the English Grammar Schools Debate. Educational Review. Available via Birmingham research portal (link)

PERRY, T. (2016). English Value-Added Measures: Examining the Limitations of School Performance Measurement. British Educational Research Journal. Available:

PERRY, T. (2016). The validity, interpretation and use of school value-added measures (Ph.D. thesis, University of Birmingham, School of Education). Available:

Selected Reports

CUREE (2019). Teacher Development Fund: Embedding learning through the arts in the primary curriculum. Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Retrieved from

CORDINGLEY, P., CRISP, B., JOHNS, P., PERRY, T., CAMPBELL, C., & BELL, M. (2019) Constructing Teachers’ Professional Identities. Retrieved from

PERRY, T., CORDINGLEY, P., JOHNS, P., & BRADBURY, M. (2018) International Review of Teacher Evaluation Systems: Executive Summary, Main Report, Technical Report and System Case Studies. Prepared for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

KING, M., AGBOOLA, K., PERRY, T. and BRADBURY, M. (2018) Workload Challenge: KS5 data research report. DfE: London (Report from Hatcham College)

CORDINGLEY, P., GREANY, T., CRISP, B., SELEZNYOV, S., BRADBURY, M., & PERRY, T. (2018). Developing Great Subject Teaching: Rapid Evidence Review of Subject-Specific Continuing Professional Development in the UK. Wellcome Trust. Retrieved from

CUREE (2018). Teacher Development Fund: Year 1 Pilot Evaluation Report. Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Retrieved from

CUREE (2017). External Evaluation of the ENTHUSE Partnership Programme (EPP) – Final Report, STEM Learning. Retrieved from:

DAVIES, P., PERRY, T. & KIRKMAN, J. (2017). IRIS Connect: Developing classroom dialogue and formative feedback through collective video reflection Evaluation report and executive summary. Retrieved from

CUREE (2016). Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund Pilot Evaluation – Year 1. Retrieved from

PERRY, T. (2013). Graydin Evaluation Report, Project Oracle, University of Birmingham.

Published Book Chapters

ROGERS, K. I. & PERRY, T. (2015). Exploring the Impact of Sentencing Factors on Sentencing Domestic Burglary. Exploring Sentencing Practice in England and Wales. England: Palgrave.

Selected Media Impact

PERRY, T. (2018). School progress measures are a missed opportunity for a fairer and more informative approach. Social Sciences Birmingham Blog. Available:

BBC RADIO (2018). Expert interview for BBC Radio 4 More or Less programme for a feature on school progress measures. Available: (from 12:50)

TES (2018). Schools with low results least likely to prioritise subject-related CPD, report finds. Available: (TES article based on CUREE and UCL, Developing Great Subject Teaching review)

ROBERTSON, A. (2018). How Progress 8 disguises grammar school pupils’ true performance. News Report – Schools Week. Available: (Schools Week article reporting the findings of my research)

PERRY, T. (2018). Progress 8 is biased towards grammar schools – here’s the solution. Expert Piece – Schools Week. Available:

SANDERSON, D (2018). Education undervalued in Scotland, teachers say. The Times. 3rd January 2018. Available:
(Times article based on survey results from CUREE international teacher professionalism comparative research)

PERRY, T. (2017). How much confidence should we place in a progress measure? SSAT Blog. Available:

PERRY, T. (2017). Why new school performance tables tell us very little about school performance, The Conversation. Available:

PERRY, T. and MORRIS, R. (2016). Time for an honest debate about grammar schools. The Conversation. Available:

Selected Conference Papers and Presentations

PERRY, T. & BRADBURY, M. (2018) Evaluating English Teacher Evaluation: How does teacher evaluation policy in England compare to international policy, practice and evidence? British Educational Research Association Conference, Newcastle. 11th to 13th September 2018.

CORDINGLEY, P., CRISP, B., PERRY, T. & BRADBURY, M. (2018) Subject-specific and generic CPD in the UK: what this means to schools serving vulnerable communities. British Educational Research Association Conference, Newcastle. 11th to 13th September 2018.

CRISP, B., CORDINGLEY, P. & PERRY, T. (2018) Continuing Professional Development & Learning and national construction of teachers’ professional identities: an international perspective. British Educational Research Association Conference, Newcastle. 11th to 13th September 2018.

PERRY, T. & CRISP, B. (2017) Embedding Learning through the Arts in the Curriculum: Lessons from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Teacher Development Fund Pilot Evaluation. British Educational Research Association Conference, Brighton. 5th to 7th September 2017.

DAVIES, P., PERRY, T. & BRADY, J. (2017) Using video clubs to developing teachers’ thinking and practice in feedback and dialogic teaching. 17th Biennial EARLI Conference, Tampere, Finland. 29th August to 2nd  September 2017.

PERRY, T. (2016). School Effects on Pupil Attitudes to Learning and Schools: Value-added and Regression Discontinuity Estimates. 29th ICSEI Congress 2016. Glasgow, Scotland.

PERRY, T. (2015). Measures of school effectiveness: a test of inter-method reliability. 16th Biennial EARLI Conference 2015. Limassol, Cyprus.

PERRY, T. (2014). Value-added and Accountability: Fit for Purpose?, British Educational Research Association Conference, London. 16th -19th September 2014.

PERRY, T. (2014). Measuring School Effectiveness: An Introduction. In: BARRIE, R., MORRIS, R., PERRY, T. & HAND, M., eds. Education Doctoral Research Conference, 2013 University of Birmingham. School of Education, University of Birmingham. (Presentation and Conference Proceedings Paper)

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