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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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  • Perry, T. & Morris, R. (In press, due 2022). A Critical Guide to Evidence-Informed Education. Open University Press/McGraw Hill Education. [208 pages]

Commissioned Reports

Invited Chapters in Edited Collections

  • Perry, T. (2022). The educational achievement of Birmingham’s children 2002-2018. In Diamond, C. (Ed.) ‘Lessons in urban education leadership and policy from the Trojan Horse affair’. Crown House. [14 pages]
  • Perry, T. (2022) School value-added measures: Undertaking policy- and practice-relevant methodological research.  In Siddiqui, N. and Gorard, S. (Eds) Making your doctoral research project ambitious: Developing Large-Scale Studies with Real-World Impact, Abingdon: Routledge [16 pages]
  • Morris, R., Perry, T. & Asquith, S. (2020) The Opportunities and Challenges of Leaders Using Evidence in Education. In Gorard, S. (Ed.) Getting evidence into education. London: Routledge [15 pages]
  • Rogers, K. I. & Perry, T. (2015). Exploring the Impact of Sentencing Factors on Sentencing Domestic Burglary. Exploring Sentencing Practice in England and Wales. England: Palgrave. [22 pages]

Reports and Other Research Publications

Selected Media Publications

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